Immediately, I want to give a warning - TW for mentions of mental illness, self-harm, suicide, etc... If this bothers you in any way, please don't read any further.
Also, the content written here will likely be intensely personal, so that could be uncomfortable too.


Hi! My name's Sylvia, I'm a 19 year old uni student going for a dual major in physics and mathematics. I wanted to make this website as a personal journal so I can write down my feelings/any major occurances to look back on later. I speak mainly english and a little japanese (ただちょっと... 日本語を話せのことが下手ww)

I've been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder recently after around 6-7 years of being affected with it. Because of the disorder, I've dealt with self-harm off and on for years (since 2018) and attempted suicide on a couple occasions (2018年7月14日, 2022年9月6日), the second one resulting in a grippy sock vacation and medication that actually helps. I'm not doing perfect per se, but at least I'm doing much better now.

I realized I was trans back in like... March 2021 or so, and I was finally able to start HRT on 2021年11月1日. At the time of writing, it's only 4 days until I've been on E for a year.

November 2022.